Varnostne kopije podatkov

Save Your data!

Fact. Employees of companies still keep data on desktop or laptop computer. What about security and backup? Some use external drives, but they also fail and all the data can be lost.

We offer an elegant solution! With CrashPlan PROe You can independently and easily set desired backup. CrasPlan PROe is very easy to use. Backup settings can be changed at any time – via personal laptops, tablets and even your Android! You can easily monitor last backups from any device and easily adjust the schedule if you find it necessary.

You do not need specific operatin system, just choose Yours! Backup is working on all environments: OSX, WINDOWS, LINUX, SOLARIS. You can easily manage Your backup on mobile devices (iPhone, android) and tablets.

Save your digital life!

For ever.

CrashPlan PROe wors constantly, when you are not behind the computer. It saves Your data even when You are working. Easily set up backup folders and timing and save all Your digital life for ever. You do not need to change the way you work, CrashPlan PROe does everything for You. All the data is secure and You can restore it at any time.

FACT: Companies, that use CrashPlan PROe are more efficient and productive. Backup is easily set up for all computers and very simple all the users can restore them at any time and any device. Crashplan PROe backup safely stores all the data and all the files.

Unique and multi times awarded solution for backup!


All the data is safe and secure on reliable servers in our Company.