Shranjevanje podatkov v oblak

Data sync. All devices. All last files. From anywhere and anytime.

Business data must always be at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you want to access them. PowerFolder allows it! Share or introduce the desired files, work – anytime and anywhere you wish. Easy solution that provides – simplicity, reliability, and efficiency.

Your work is now simple!

Cooperation is now finally more simple. Access the latest versions of Your files that are loaded in a completely safe environment and work, share, show them to whoever You want and whenever You want it. From any device.

Perfectly safe solution!

All the data is safe and secure on reliable and powerful servers in our company. Main advantage: You always know where Your data is and how is it protected. We offer our full support 24/7!

PowerFolder allows:

  • easy access
  • latest file version
  • sync from any advice
  • simply Email the files, no matter the size
  • access froma any device
  • safe solution for important data
  • guaranteed safety
  • 24/7 technical support