Hardware and software rental

The core of the information system of your company is server, which represents the basis for the operation of business applications. For the smooth operation of the company is its good responsiveness and reliability of crucial importance. For optimal business work every company needs a modern and properly maintained server. Do not worry about system, hardware and software and trust our experienced team of professionals. We will make sure that your server is in the best condition and we will follow the updates of applications and constantly upgrade your system.

When your server is located inside your network, we will take care of licensing platform and the corresponding hardware upgrades. The solution is appripriate for clients that are looking for flexibility of hardware capacity. The client decides how much processing power, memory and disk they need, and we shall provide the agreed parameters of the virtual server.

Cloud server, located in the business location Sistemko is suitable for users who want to have a reliable server in a secure environment.

Customers who need smooth operation of high availability systems (High Availability), can hire systems that do not fail or fall off.

Customers who require a suitably protected site for disposal of reserve data in real time, can hire a company Sistemko appropriate hardware and software resources in the appropriate maintenance regime. Customers who need a larger capacity systems (such as server clusters), you can turn to professionals Sistemko company, which will be before the preparation of solutions to assess the situation and advise you in determining the optimal needs of customers.

We provide:

  • renting a server inside your network
  • renting a server located in our company
  • advanced server capacity rental
  • servers: HP, Dell, IBM, Siemens Fujitsu, APPLE