Varnostne kopije podatkov

It is so easy!

Just fill out the short form and use CrashPlan for free for 30 days. It gets no easily than that!

  • server in Slovenia
  • data in Slovenia
  • full technical support in SLO / HR / EN / IT / GER language


  • full protection of all the data
  • backup several times a day
  • last file versions
  • fully protected and in the transfer encrypted
  • all the data on known and protected servers
  • full technical support 24/7
  • easy backup settings
  • easy recover at any time
  • recover from any device

30 days FREE of charge!




    Operating system*

    After getting your inquiry, we will send you all the data to start using CrashPlan PROe for 30 days FREE of charge. After 30 days the service will stop automatically.